This Jupyter Book aims to provide you with easy access to an overview of prerequisite knowledge needed to successfully start our MSc degree Civil Engineering at TU Delft. You can check yourself whether you have the necessary knowledge, and estimate which subjects you may need to repair or refresh before coming to Delft. The Jupyter Book was made in the educationalal research project called PRE-for-CEM (PRErequisite knowledge for Civil Engineering Master) during 2022 and 2023, and is still work in progress.

Which subjects?#

The Admission Committee of the MSc degree Civil Engineering have identified knowledge of the following subjects as crucial for a successful start of our degree:


In the development of the admission procedure for the new MSc track Civil Engineering (2022), we realised that, even when you as an international student are admitted, it is not always 100% clear to us from your diploma or transcript whether you meet all the prior knowledge requirements. This is because transcripts only give information on titles of completed courses/modules without too much detail on what was covered in terms of topics. Although we can estimate this to some extent based on experience with international degrees and earlier students, we would like to offer you the opportunity to check it for yourself, and repair or refresh specific subjects at home, prior to your arrival in Delft. This could place you in a better position at the start of the programme. Also for domestic (Dutch) students it would be good to have a clear overview of prior knowledge needed, to allow repair or refreshing where you find it necessary yourself.

Why in a Jupyter Book?#

We have chosen to use this format, so that both staff and students can suggest additions or alterations using the mechanism of github. For staff members we provide access to the github repository to raise issues and adding more or better open educational resources. For applying students, we suggest you send us an email in case you have found material online that proved helpful for you.